• CH Springbok's Maiden of Camelot (Specialty winner)
  • BISS GCH CH Springbok's Keeper of Magical Creatures (Specialty winner)
  • CH Bold Article's Jibber Jabber at Springbok
  •  CH Springbok's Storybook Tale Too
  •  CH Springbok's Magic of Camelot
  • GCH CH Anstamm Maryscot Gone To Texas
  • CH Springbok's UR Unforgettable
  • Springbok's UR The Great Kate (Specialty winner/ mother of champions)
  • BIS Int'l CH/BISS AM GCH Springbok's A Tad Bit Unbelievable (Specialty winner)
  • AM/INT'L CH Springbok's Unbelievably Huggable (Specialty winner)
  • Springbok's A Tad Bit Moxie, NA NAJ
  • Ch Springbok's Unchained Melody (Specialty winner)
  • CH Springbok's Unchain My Heart
  • CH Springbok's U Talk Too Much (Specialty winner)
  • CH Springbok's Yakety Yak
  • CH Springbok's Unbelievable McEwen
  • CH Springbok's Rhys's Pieces
  • CH Springbok's Unforgettable U
  • CH Springbok's Loving U
  • CH Springbok's Tails I Win
  • CH Springbok's Sweet Dreams of U, ROM
  • BISS CH Springbok's Untouchable, ROM (Specialty winner)
  • CH Springbok's Dream Lover (Specialty winner)
  • CH Springbok's Siloet on the Shade
  • CH Springbok's Sea U In My Dreams
  • CH Charthill Take Five (Specialty winner)
  • CH Springbok's Dark Victory
  • CH Springbok's Night Stalker
  • CH Springbok's Sea U At Shiloh (Specialty winner/our first home bred champion)
  • CH Charthill Sea Treasure
  • CH Tardun Tucker
  • CH Whiskybae Bearly An Angel
  • CH Whiskybae Yanky Bonnie Jean
  • Lord McDuff Of Winslow Hall, CD (our first scottie) 1984



BISS Ch. Springbok's Untouchable, ROM  at 17 months winning his first Best In Specialty at Dallas.  12-1-2000 He started it all  by winning first my heart and then continued with Specialties and Groups. His kids have also done very well a multiple of times at Specialties in Dallas, Houston and Louisville. 
He did everything that I asked of him and more.
Eliot's last show was the STC of Gr Louisville Specialty where he was entered in the Veteran Class, which he won, having bested three 7-year old brothers. He was 11.   


 BISS GCH CH Springbok's A Tad Bit Unbelievable (An Eliot son) won 
Best In Show at The Scottish Terrier Club of Gr. Louisville 8-25-2007
Tad is also an International Champion BIS winner. 
Tad will be 13 on April 15, 2017

Ch. Springbok's Untouchable, ROM  X  Ch. Springbok's Sweet Dreams of U, ROM
 INTL / AM CH Springbok's Unbelievably Huggable
(An Eliot son and brother to Tad)
Teddy had a rip roaring time in the show ring having been sent to the corner many times for being a bit feisty. He managed to get the best of his mom, Teresa,  so co-breeder Brenda Martz piloted him to Winners Dog at the Gr. Dallas STC Specialty in 2006.

Ch. Springbok's Untouchable, ROM  X  Ch. Springbok's Sweet Dreams of U, ROM

Luke ~ Ch. Springbok's U Talk Too Much      &     Pride ~ Ch. Springbok's Yakety Yak
H. Deblin's Back Talk, ROMX  x  Ch. Springbok's Sweet Dreams of U, ROM

Luke (left) started his career with BISweeps at the Dallas Specialty in 2006, the day that Teddy finished his championship.
He finished his championship quest with two Specialty wins and BOW at Hatboro.
(picture below)

Pride finished her championship quest quickly. She has given us Merlin, Paige and Madi Sue

 CH Springbok's Sea U At Shiloh, "Shiloh" was a very young dog when we started his show career at the Astro Dome Series of Dog Shows. It was a grandslam weekend winning BOW all three days. The next time out he won his fourth major to finish and retired to be a companion to our daughter. He was our first home bred champion.   

Jack's Heart Scottie ~ Mardi, Ch. Springbok's Sea U In My Dreams, finished her quest with 4 and 5 point majors. She didn't enjoy showing so we promised her that once it was accomplished she'd never have to enter the ring again. At 12 she was diagnosed with intermediate cell lymphosarcoma, more than likely on the hypothalamus. Texas A&M's  small animal clinic took over her care  and gave us 9 good months more than we could have hoped for. We lost her after her 13th birthday.  The following summer her A&M vet and I went skydiving in celebration of her life. Sky diving was on my bucket list)