• CH Springbok's Maiden of Camelot (Specialty winner)
  • BISS GCH CH Springbok's Keeper of Magical Creatures (Specialty winner)
  • CH Bold Article's Jibber Jabber at Springbok
  •  CH Springbok's Storybook Tale Too
  •  CH Springbok's Magic of Camelot
  • GCH CH Anstamm Maryscot Gone To Texas
  • CH Springbok's UR Unforgettable
  • Springbok's UR The Great Kate (Specialty winner/ mother of champions)
  • BIS Int'l CH/BISS AM GCH Springbok's A Tad Bit Unbelievable (Specialty winner)
  • AM/INT'L CH Springbok's Unbelievably Huggable (Specialty winner)
  • Springbok's A Tad Bit Moxie, NA NAJ
  • Ch Springbok's Unchained Melody (Specialty winner)
  • CH Springbok's Unchain My Heart
  • CH Springbok's U Talk Too Much (Specialty winner)
  • CH Springbok's Yakety Yak
  • CH Springbok's Unbelievable McEwen
  • CH Springbok's Rhys's Pieces
  • CH Springbok's Unforgettable U
  • CH Springbok's Loving U
  • CH Springbok's Tails I Win
  • CH Springbok's Sweet Dreams of U, ROM
  • BISS CH Springbok's Untouchable, ROM (Specialty winner)
  • CH Springbok's Dream Lover (Specialty winner)
  • CH Springbok's Siloet on the Shade
  • CH Springbok's Sea U In My Dreams
  • CH Charthill Take Five (Specialty winner)
  • CH Springbok's Dark Victory
  • CH Springbok's Night Stalker
  • CH Springbok's Sea U At Shiloh (Specialty winner/our first home bred champion)
  • CH Charthill Sea Treasure
  • CH Tardun Tucker
  • CH Whiskybae Bearly An Angel
  • CH Whiskybae Yanky Bonnie Jean
  • Lord McDuff Of Winslow Hall, CD (our first scottie) 1984



BISS Ch. Springbok's Untouchable, ROM  at 17 months winning his first Best In Specialty at Dallas.  12-1-2000 He started it all  by winning first my heart and then continued with Specialties and Groups. His kids have also done very well a multiple of times at Specialties in Dallas, Houston and Louisville. 
He did everything that I asked of him and more.
Eliot's last show was the STC of Gr Louisville Specialty where he was entered in the Veteran Class, which he won, having bested three 7-year old brothers. He was 11.   


 BISS GCH CH Springbok's A Tad Bit Unbelievable (An Eliot son) won 
Best In Show at The Scottish Terrier Club of Gr. Louisville 8-25-2007
Tad is also an International Champion BIS winner. 
Tad will be 13 on April 15, 2017

Ch. Springbok's Untouchable, ROM  X  Ch. Springbok's Sweet Dreams of U, ROM
 INTL / AM CH Springbok's Unbelievably Huggable
(An Eliot son and brother to Tad)
Teddy had a rip roaring time in the show ring having been sent to the corner many times for being a bit feisty. He managed to get the best of his mom, Teresa,  so co-breeder Brenda Martz piloted him to Winners Dog at the Gr. Dallas STC Specialty in 2006.

Ch. Springbok's Untouchable, ROM  X  Ch. Springbok's Sweet Dreams of U, ROM